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Why Miss Calls???

If you wish to advertise your product for minimum charges and yet achieve maximum reach, then a Bulk SMS Service Provider should be just the right choice for you to proceed with. SMS is one of the most popular means of communication for this generation and thus, holds immense potential as a marketing tool. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone today.
People are fine tuned to skip commercials on TV however interesting they may seem. A short text message highlighting the important features of a product or a service is more likely to provide accurate information to prospective customers. Bulk SMS Services are the surest way to make your message reach several people across the globe simultaneously. Bulk SMS in India is one of the most popular means of marketing employed by several fashion stores, music and movie retailers, restaurants etc.
Bulk SMS can not only be used for advertising local businesses, but also for offering coupons and discounts to existing customers, to conduct contests and surveys and for letting customers know about other services and offers provided by the business.

Benifts of Miss Calls

SMS reaches users instantly without being too intrusive like a phone call.
It can be delivered to people irrespective of location and time. Even if the phone is switched off, the SMS is received the moment the phone is switched on.
People carry mobile phones everywhere they go, means, faster & quicker visibility over Tv or other advertising medium.
It is easier for people to act upon received SMS immediately. For instance, users can reply or call to the given contact number specified in the original message.
You do not require any special infrastructure. Its pay as you go.
Bulk SMS services are much cheaper than advertising in TV or Radio for the same or even more amount of reach.

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